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Tamil Nadu is experiencing one of the worst water crises in its history. In the last 4 years we have experienced floods, cyclones and now drought.

A few water rights campaigners have come together to collectively create a Citizen's Action Plan for Water Security for Tamil Nadu. Instead of waiting for the government to present plans before the people, we, as concerned citizens, plan to prepare a detailed, comprehensive `Water Policy Framework’ and evolve a water security action plan covering multiple sectors - drinking water, irrigation, industry, agriculture etc and present it to the Government and other political parties, demanding its discussion and implementation.


Here's a little about what we're up to.

We are seeking to build a broad platform of all working on water rights issues throughout TN. The idea is to bring together under one umbrella - people, groups and movements who work on issues of water, land, forests, resources including sand, sea etc with a rights based perspective.

We are totally independent and not linked to any political party, religious or caste based affiliation, NGO, funders or other organizations. It is a purely voluntary effort and everyone puts their own resources. This is not a project of any single person or any single group.

We are not for or against the government and will support any policy which respects and supports water rights and will oppose anything which denies the rights of water to people.


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